Safety signs and labels

  • Photo luminescent signs and bands
  • Safety signs
  • Warning signs
  • Command signs
  • Banning signs
  • Information signs
  • Fire signs
  • Multi plates
  • Package marking of dangerous chemical substances
  • Package marking / waste collecting containers
  • Marking substances and things - ADR
  • Other safety plates, marking and headlines
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Sale of ecological emergency aids

  • Universal sorptive aids (e.g. universal sorptive carpets, matting, detritus)
  • Emergency sets
  • Storage accessories (e.g. retaining and gutter tanks, holders for barrels, handling carts, 
    presses, scales)
  • Containers for dangerous materials (e.g. pallet and metal containers, barrels, boxes)
  • Cleaning wipers and accessories ( e.g. plastic bags 120 and 240 l, frames for bags)
  • Sealing preparations (e.g. mastic, sewer plugs)
  • Industrial bands (e.g. protective, double side, identification bands)
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  • Warning plates
  • Safety signs
  • Emergency bags and cases
  • Warning triangles, reflexive cones
  • Sewer plugs, substitute containers, buckets, brooms, shovels
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  • Respirators, face semi-masks, protective goggles, gloves, helmets, shoes
  • Shell ear protectors, ear plugs
  • Reflexive vests
  • Eye showers
  • Protective working clothes (possibly with your logo), working boots
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Delivery schedules: upon request.