of Safety at Work Documentation

  • Risk assessment at the workplace
  • Work activity classification
  • List of activities prohibited for women and juveniles
  • Directive on provision of personal safety work aids (including risks and PSWA lists)
  • Operational regulations for storage management
  • SHW in road transportation
  • Transportation rules of companies
  • Health and mental ability assessment (preventive medical examinations)
  • First aid provision principles
  • Protection against alcoholism and other drugs addiction
  • Operational rules of machinery and equipment and other internal regulations in the SHW field
  • Other kinds of SHW documentation, according to the amount and types of risks identified
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  • Professional consultancy and contractual supervision in companies including real conditions survey and SHW documentation preparation
  • External practise of safety at work officer and authorised risk prevention officer
  • Workplace risks evaluation and preparation of a proposal for remedial measures
  • Audit to assess real state of SHW and preparation of a proposal for remedial measures
  • Industrial accidents
  • Categorisation of work
  • Hygiene at work
  • And others
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  • Thematic and time schedule of SHW training
  • Texts for SHW training
  • SHW training of managing staff (including issuing of certificates)
  • SHW training of other employees
  • Training of external companies employees, working at our clients' workplaces
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  • Monitoring of legislation development and updated transfer into the client's documentation
  • Establishing of internal records in the SHW field
  • Preparation of letters of appointment for process equipment operators (HVAC, boiler house etc.)
  • Industrial accidents (filling, survey of resources and causes, proposals for remedial measures, compensations)
  • Representation of clients during negotiations and inspections of the authorities, concerning SHW matters
  • Ensuring revisions of designated technical equipment through contractual partners, including training of designated technical equipment operators
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