of Fire Protection Documentation

  • Categorisation into activity classes according to fire danger
  • Internal regulations for fire protection control and management
  • Fire safety conditions determination
  • Fire protection control directives
  • Fire fighting documentation (operational cards, operational plans)
  • Fire emergency directives
  • Fire rules for workplaces with increased (high) fire risk
  • Plan of emergency measures for emergency events
  • Evacuation plans of buildings
  • Codes/rules for the fire registration offices
  • And others
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  • Professional consultancy and contractual supervision in companies including real status survey and preparation of proposal for fire protection measures
  • External practice of a fire safety officer and a skilled officer for fire protection matters
  • Assessment and evaluation of conditions for execution of fire safe work
  • Audit to assess real status of fire safety matters and preparation of a proposal for remedial measures
  • And others
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  • Thematic and time schedule of fire safety training
  • Texts for fire safety training
  • Fire safety training of managing staff (including issuing of certificates)
  • Fire safety training of other employees
  • Professional preparation of preventive fire inspections
  • Professional preparation of fire prevention officers
  • Training of the staff ensuring fire protection out of working hours
  • Training of external companies employees, working at our clients' workplaces
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  • Monitoring of legislation development and relevant transfer into the client's documentation
  • Establishment of internal records in the fire protection field (fire logbook, etc.)
  • Preparation of letters of appointment (preventative fire watch, fire prevention officer, etc.)
  • Preparation of fire fighting documentation for municipalities
  • Representation of clients during negotiations and inspections of the fire authorities
  • Ensuring revisions of fire fighting equipment and fire safety equipment
  • Production of fire safety signs and labels (including photo-luminescent ones) by the help of contractual partners
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