• Identification of water pollution sources in a firm/company
  • Manipulation and operation rules for water facilities
  • Emergency measures plans for handling harmful substances
  • Preparation of operational water management logbooks
  • Preparation of applications for water legal decision, e.g. discharging waste water, taking underground and surface water etc.
  • Processing the fees for collecting underground and surface water and discharging water to surface water
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  • Inspection audits
  • Professional consultancy including real conditions survey and remedial measures proposal preparation
  • Comprehensive consultancy on water management
  • Representation during negotiations with the authorities
  • Monitoring of legislation development and subsequent application on the operating conditions
  • Checking the parameters of waste water
  • Consultancy regarding newly introduced technologies, or modification of technological processes from the point of view of their harm to the environment or working environment
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  • Training of employees on the Law about water Management and system for prevention, warning and disposal for the emergency leakage of water polluting substances
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  • Analysis of underground, surface and waste water by accredited labs
  • Negotiations of partners for cleaning sumps/ tanks
  • Leak test of sumps/ tanks
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