of Waste Management Conception

  • Waste summaries
  • Internal regulations for waste disposal system
  • Identification sheets of dangerous waste
  • Operational rules for storing/collection of waste
  • Operational rules for collection/buying out, usage and disposal of waste
  • Operational logbooks for daily records
  • Liability to notify of the originator/haulier/authorised body
  • Registration sheets for dangerous waste transportation
  • Backward take over of products
  • Waste handling permission applications
  • Application for facility operation permission (e.g. scrape yards, composting operations, waste dumps, recycling plants)
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of Waste Management Plans waste originator

    • WMP is processed for a purpose of creating conditions for the prevention of waste formation and its treatment
    • The WMP processing relates only to the ministry, regions and communities


  • Inspection audits
  • Professional consultancy and contractual supervision in a firm/company including real conditions survey and preparation of proposal for remedial measures
  • Proposals for disagreement removal in the way of waste treatment
  • Ensuring of the post of waste management officer
  • Representation during negotiations with the authorities
  • Monitoring of legislation development and subsequent application to the operating conditions
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  • Training of managing staff on the Waste Law and other regulations
  • Initial training of employees, when establishing intra-plant legislation and waste management system
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  • Negotiation of business partners for waste disposal (authorized person)
  • Ensuring of contractual and business partners for waste disposal
  • Ensuring of the means for storage/collection of waste, for accident management and dangerous waste leakage events
  • Fabrication of labels for waste packaging
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