• Pollution sources identification including their classification
  • Preparation of groundwork for location of air pollution sources
  • Preparation of groundwork for starting permanent operation of air pollution sources
  • Preparation of an overall operational list (SPE) of air pollution sources and information about fee calculation
  • Preparation of IRZ report
  • Proposals of logbooks for operational record of pollution sources
  • Preparation of pollution source operating rules
  • Informing KÚ about meeting pollution limits and conditions set in a decision on the integrated permission
  • Preparation of Annual Air Monitoring Report
  • Specification of duties of operators of sources containing regulated substances and fluor green house gasses in connection with the protection of the ozone layer and Earth's climate system and data processing to meet those obligations
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  • Professional consultancy including real conditions survey and preparation of remedial measures
  • Comprehensive consultancy on atmosphere protection matters
  • Representation during negotiations with the state authorities
  • Monitoring of the legislation development and subsequent application on the operating conditions
  • Ensuring of air-pollutants (gases, vapours, dusts) leakage monitoring
  • Consultation on newly introduced technologies or to modify the technological processes in terms of their degree of harmfulness to living and working environment
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  • Training of employees on the Law about Atmosphere Protection and system for prevention, warning and disposal for the emergency leakage of air pollutants
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  • Provision of professional reviews, scatter studies, etc.
  • Negotiation of authorized measurement of emissions, flue system controls, revisions, etc.
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